Do you want to live more sustainably, but aren't really sure where to start?
Are you overwhelmed with all the things you feel you should and could be doing to reduce your ecological footprint, so you end up staying where you are and not taking action?
Do you find it hard to quantify this goal of 'living more sustainably'?

Rest assured, you are not alone!
And it's for all of the reasons above that I came up with the idea of One Planet Living as a theme for 2017 here on the blog this year. I've split the year up into monthly topics and we are then exploring them and looking at different actions we can take to reduce our impact on the planet in each of these areas.
But sometimes it can be hard to stay on track, or even to work out really where we want to get to in terms of the different topics each month.
That's why I've put together the One Planet Living Year Planner. And I'm giving it away for free!

Simply fill out the form below, and your FREE copy will be winging it's way into your inbox.
You can choose to keep the whole thing online, or you can choose to print off the individual months, whichever works for you.
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